Award Winning Balloon Twisting.



Balloon TwistingOur art goes beyond face painting to award winning balloon twisting like you have never seen before. Our balloon twisting art ranges from basic balloon dogs to larger than life sized sculptures and everything in-between our balloon twisting are limitless.


Our balloon twisting kits have literally thousands of balloons of all shapes, sizes, and colors- including specialty balloons shaped like hearts, filled with glitter, covered in sparkles, and more! Additionally, we do balloon twisting with different prints and patterns including but not limited to; super heroes, cartoon characters, polka dots, alien heads, eyeballs, and pirates. Whether they’re holding them, wearing them, playing with them, or simply looking at them, our balloon creations are certain to provide endless entertainment for your guests.


Our balloon twisting is very versatile and are a great addition to any event. Both children and adults will be dying to have one of our incredible designs. Our twisters arrive with a full stock of balloons, ready to create and amaze. Balloon twisting is the perfect addition we have for you for any of your celebration!



Balloon Sculptures.

Are you looking for balloons that are truly larger than life? We’ve got you covered. Our balloon twisting artists can create any balloon decor your heart desires. Whether it be columns, arches, life-like sculptures, centerpieces, or something else entirely, our balloon twisters and sculptors have got your back!


Additionally, we offer elaborate helium filled decor as well. Balloon decor is a sure fire way to spice up birthdays, weddings, quinces, theatre stages, grand openings, dances, graduations, or any other event. Guests will be amazed at just how big of a difference this decor makes.

Candy Cups.

What’s better than a balloon animal? A balloon animal on top of a cup filled with candy! Candy cups come filled with an assortment of sweets and party favors, and topped with a mini balloon sculpture. These cups make great party favors, gifts, prizes, and decorations. Your specialized cup comes filled with your favorite sweets and a balloon creation of your choice. If you have your own ideas of what to fill your cup(s) with, you can buy them empty and fill them up with your own treats. Candy cups are completely customizable and are sure to make anyone smile!