Body Art.

Why stop at just the face? By combining airbrushing and traditional face painting techniques, amazing works of art can be created on your own skin! Whether you go for the full body or just a portion (arms, legs, neck, back, etc.) these stunning larger designs are truly paintings to be admired. Body painting can be used to transform a person into any animal or creature, simple cover the body in a single color (for costumes, cosplays, etc.), or to transform someone into a work of art completely. Great for conventions, nightclubs, photo shoots, and other occasions, body painting can transform you into anything you can imagine.



Temporary Glitter Tattoos.


Glitter tattoos add a special sparkle to any event - literally! These tattoos come in a variety of different shapes and designs. From stars and hearts, to big screen favorites such as Olaf, Transformers, and Mickey and Friends, these tattoos are sure to make your event a huge success. Applied with professional, makeup grade body glue, they can last up to 10 days and are completely smudge-proof, to keep the fun rolling even after the party is over. While these tattoos are sure to add glitz and glimmer to any occasion, they are especially fun for water events, such as pool or beach parties, since they’re waterproof! We offer as many tattoos as you want within your party time for unlimited tattoo fun! Along with hundreds of designs, our glitter tattoo package includes an endless spectrum of colorful glitters for you to choose from. Additionally, we also offer special neon, fluorescent, and backlight reactive glitter tattoos to add an extra glow to backlight parties, 80’s nights, or nightclub events. No matter how you like to shine, glitter tattoos are sure to add an extra glow to your celebration!



Now you can order your own custom glitter tattoos!!

Anything you can imagine can now be made into one of these sparkly creations.

These are especially great for specific characters, names, phrases, or logos.

A one-of-a-kind glitter tattoo is certain to add a wow factor to your next event.


Feeling Creative?

We offer packages complete with tattoos, glitter, and body glue for you to apply yourself!

These sets are great for post party-application, slumber parties, party favors, do it yourself options and more. It can always be fun to be your own tattoo artist!

Temporary Metallic Tattoos.


The latest craze is here! Also called flash tattoos, or foil jewelry, these temporary pieces are popular amongst teens, tweens, children, and adults alike! Our trendy, temporary metallic tattoos have a special shine and dazzle to them, and are completely nontoxic and safe for sensitive skin. Worn by many Hollywood stars such as Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ariana Grande, and more, these tattoos will make your event hotter than the sun.


We offer a multitude of designs, and specialize in the ever popular jewelry look-a-likes including but not limited to: necklaces, bracelets, rings, and ankle tattoos - which offer a unique twist on regular jewelry and are completely weightless versus the heavy, intricate, metalwork involved in real pieces. The metallic tattoos come in shimmery silver, gold, and black giving them their flashy style and creating a bold fashion statement. These tattoos are perfect for parties, clubbing, girls’ nights out, beach celebrations, pool parties, bridal showers, and more!


Airbrush Tattoos.

Airbrush tattoos add a sleek and stylish element to any event. Our tattoos have a realistic finish, unlike a typical temporary tattoo, but are entirely painless, unlike a real one.


Depending on your preference, our tattoos can last as little as a day or stick around for up to a week. With limitless design options, and a variety of colors, these tattoos are sure to be a hit.