Award Winning Face Painting Services.

Face Painting


Kids love face painting. They love to imagine they are someone else; their fantasy superhero, cartoon character, fairies, a princess just to mention a few. Face painting is a great way for them to do that. Our face painting art isn’t your average face painting.


Unlike any face paintings you have seen before, our award winning  art is sure to be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Using professional makeup grade products, our face painting artists can create anything you can imagine! Our amazing face paintings allow children to live out their creative dreams and become any animal, creature, or character they want. Adored by children of all ages, and adults alike, our face painters go above and beyond in their work.


Perfect for any occasion, our face paintings are the definition of fun. Our face painting kit is fully stocked with paints of all colors, brushes of all sizes, and tons of additional bells and whistles. Using special effects such as body glitter, fake blood, gem stones, stencils and much more, our face painting artists are able to create realistic looking works of art, using faces as their canvases!


Our face paintings are extremely versatile and customizable. We can paint to any theme, or at the request of each guest. Face painting is sure to add a real WOW factor to any occasion, event, or celebration.


Airbrush Face Painting.


A totally different look than traditional face painting. Airbrushing provides a smoother, more flawless looking finish. Used by Hollywood makeup artists and featured in dozens of magazines, airbrush face painting provides a different stylistic appeal than traditional face painting.

You will be amazed at how clean cut these designs turn out-painting a new look on your face while still keeping the texture of your skin intact. More like a smooth makeup base than anything else, this art from is great for parties, photo shoots, and outings alike.