Magic Shows.


Kids Entertainment Magic Shows.Every child loves magic, and that’s exactly what our magician brings to every kids entertainment show.

Introducing the great Collette Spaghetti and her adorable assistant, Pizza the real live bunny!

A professional magician herself, Collette poses as an “amateur,” asking her young audience simple helping questions along the way. Her kids entertainment show features a series of tricks that allows her young viewers to participate and play magician’s assistant in more ways than one. Relying heavily on participation, Collette asks her audience a plethora of questions that require their answers for the show to continue. Kids love interacting with her and giving their thoughts on what will happen next.


Collette’s kids entertainment show features entertaining props such as balloons, a magic coloring book and crayons, a traffic light, and magic glasses. Her tricks feature objects appearing, disappearing, transforming, and more. Collette’s show is geared towards ages 3 to 9, but people of all ages find her wacky humor and tricks entertaining.


When Collette comes to your party, the birthday child will receive their very own magic wand and becomes the star of the show. Optional magical party favor add-ons such as wands and magic props are available as well. Additionally, at the end of the show, Collette will teach all of your guests a take home magic trick to really get the audience involved! Collette arrives at your event fully prepared with her own set up including a table, professional sound system, and of course, all of her magic props. Collette and Pizza will definitely make your party magical!

 Kids Entertainment.



Clowning is another kids entertainment activity we offer. Nothing but funny business here, but don’t worry, we’re just clowning around! Our kids entertainment clowns are straight from the circus and jam packed with laugh lines. Your guests will love joking around with these goofy pranksters. They love being silly and having fun with kids of all ages, as well as interacting with adults. These glows have got more than a few tricks up their sleeves and are sure to have you doubled over in laughter at their gags. Every event could use a little more laughter, after all.

 Looking for a clown with a title more talent? We also offer clowns who can juggle, face paint, balloon twist and more!

Cut Outs.

 Ever wanted to bring one of those photo prop cutouts home? Well, now you can! Just like head in the hole setups at fairs, pumpkin patches, piers, and elsewhere, we create our own prop cutouts. We offer dozens of designs for rentals such as; classic beach and cartoon characters, sports players, and holiday scenes. We also offer cardboard cut-out style characters to add fun decor and extra photo ops to your event. If your child is a fanatic of specific show or character, no worries because we’ve got your back! If you’re looking for a specific or customized style prop, we can create the perfect one of a kind set-up for your event. All of our photo props and cut outs are made out of your choice of high-quality wood or foam core and stand on their own. One of our unique props or cutouts is sure to wow your guests and make memories to last a lifetime.



A classic form of wacky kids entertainment, everyone loves to watch a juggler! Your guests will be impressed with the impressive tricks and tosses our jugglers can do. As a bonus, we also offer juggling lessons and large group sessions that travel to you for parties and events. Kids love being able to experience juggling first hand, and many adults find enjoyment in trying something new. Juggling parties are a great way to entertain and interact with your guests. Looking for a way for corporate workers to let their hair down? Juggling is a surprisingly great way to reduce stress and improve hand-eye coordination. You and your coworkers will love being able to learn this new skill.


Dress Ups.

 Every child loves to play pretend, and that’s exactly what our dress up packages helps them do. We have dozens of costumes for both boys and girls so that everyone can join in on the fun. Our dress up set features fairytale costumes, countless pieces of jewelry, crowns, hats, and more! With this amazing package, your child can truly let their imagination soar.